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Black Reflective Snake Print Gaiters w/ inside Zip

£90.00 £160.00

Black reflective Snake print gaiters w/ silver dress Zip on the inside and turnover top edge lined with real Silver Snake skin.

FIT SIZE 1  (please refer to sizing chart) but calf circumference should be no more than 13"inches - they don't have any lacing so there is not much leeway!

Please note that they need to fit quite precisely as there is no room for adjustment as with the lace-up boots!

Measurement reference: the person in the pictures measures instep: 8.5"inches, ankle: 7.5"inches, Calf: 13"inches

Black elastic under foot is 3"inches wide

Height of boots is 13" inches from floor to top front when front folded down and 14"inches floor to top front when folded up.

These boots are not as functional as classic Aerial boots - the leather is more delicate, there are no suede pieces for grip and they are not adjustable with laces, so they are great for shows and to finish off a costume.

Condition: they have been used for some dance practise & show, so there is a bit of wear in places (creased leather around ankle, creased leather at top (not visible when turned outside) PLEASE SEE CLOSE UP PICTURES.

REGULAR PRICE for a new pair: £160


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