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Nude Aerial Boots - used & marked

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Nude Aerial Boots in leather & suede with a higher cut out at heel 

They have been worn for training for about 4-5 months and the leather & suede has some dark/black marks from using them on a black taped trapeze - the leather itself is creased in places from being worn in.

The leather is extremely hard wearing and durable and the fact that the boots have been worn in means that they now are just at the point of being comfortable to wear (as the leather was very hard to start with).

Also, due to the higher cut out at heel, which helps for heel hangs, the front above the foot has increased bunching of the leather, which can get in the way for certain moves like foot/toe hang. 

Please check out pictures carefully to check out the marks and also how the leather is worn and creased in places and the bunching on top of the foot when the foot is flexed.

These fit Size 1 - please check measurement chart

-Boots made of cowhide leather with goat suede panels across ankle and top of foot.

-Beige elastic under foot is 3"inches wide and has been replaced with a brand new piece of elastic.

Height of boots is 15" inches from floor to to

REGULAR PRICE for a new pair: £150


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